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Therapies and Treatments

The treatment provided by our Seattle psychologists can vary according to their theoretical orientation. Here are some of the most prominent approaches to understanding human behavior:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This orientation, founded in the late sixties, is the standard of care in most most hospitals and clinics. It is usually a brief therapy (approximately 8-12 sessions) that looks at the content of a person's thoughts (cognitions). One is asked to write down one's thoughts and find new ways of looking at the assumptions we make about ourselves and others. The Behavioral part of this therapy involves goal setting whereby one can plan out improvements they would like to bring to their lives.

Mindfulness Based Therapy

A grouping of various therapies that emerged in the 1990s that grew out of the Behaviorist tradition in psychology, these forms of therapy resemble CBT in many ways. The difference is that the therapist seeks to create the recognition that a person is not their thoughts and therefore is encouraged to accept and not dispute what they are thinking. Also, rather than setting goals to achieve within a couple of months, one is encouraged to chart the values that they would like to represent in their recovery.

Psychodynamic Therapy

This grouping of therapies includes Freudian psychoanalysis, Object Relations, Self Psychology, Intersubjectivity, and Jungian psychoanalysis among others. These approaches may vary from psychoanalysis on a couch three days a week, to other approaches that are more interpersonal. What most of these approaches have in common is an interest in understanding which factors in a person's life have played a role in making them who they are today. In general, these forms of therapy are not time limited or goal focused.

Existential and Humanistic Approaches

These forms of therapy are especially interested in creating a genuine and empathic relationship between the client and the therapist. With this foundation, the therapy is focused upon identifying those things that make life meaningful for the client.